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At High Point Cabinets, we can’t wait to help begin your design for your handcrafted, custom cabinets! Custom built furniture is truly an amazing way to express what you enjoy in home décor. It allows you the freedom that big box furniture stores never give you. So, when you are picking out pieces for your home, why not choose custom handcrafted cabinets? 

That is where we can come in. With our hard working craftsmen, and your ideas, we can craft something beautiful. Let us help you upgrade your home into the space of your dreams! Contact us at the button below to get started on your design and installation!


Your kitchen is a focal point of your home and creates an atmosphere of its own. With our custom handcrafted cabinets, your kitchen will not only provide the functionality and purpose you need from it – it will redefine your space with an awe-inspiring beauty. And all of this while being completely customized to your home. From the cupboards and pantry to the kitchen island that ties it all together, see what High Point Cabinets can do for your kitchen with our custom handcrafted cabinets around the Cleveland, Ohio area.

custom handcrafted cabinets


It’s not just a bathroom, it’s your very own private oasis. With our custom handcrafted cabinets, your bathroom will give you a sense of pride – and more importantly, relaxation. So, make the most of your space by getting us to custom build each cabinet to fit perfectly with your layout. 

With a variety of shade and species options, our custom cabinets will fit any style of bathroom. From the all important bathroom vanity to linen closets and more, High Point Cabinets can provide you with a bathroom fit for a king (or queen, of course).

custom handcrafted cabinets

MORE CUSTOM CABINETS by High Point Cabinets

Whether for your living room, basement, laundry room, or any other part of your home – we offer any solution that your life may demand. With some of the most breathtaking designs you’ll see anywhere, the detail and mastery of craftsmanship you get with High Point Cabinets will transform your home into your dream space. 

Every home is different, and so is every one of our Amish built cabinets. Each is designed for you and your space, the cabinets of your dreams are right here. Our specialists work with you to create the quintessential cabinetry for your space.

custom amish bar cabinets

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