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Welcome to High Point Cabinets, your trusted choice for Pittsburgh Cabinets. We’ve expertly etched a reputation for quality, excellence, and customer satisfaction, propelling us as respected Pittsburgh Cabinet Makers renowned for remarkable Amish built cabinets.

Our secret? It lies in our meticulous process. From inception to completion, we invest considerable time, attention, and expertise into every project, transforming raw materials into your dream custom kitchen cabinets, inviting bathroom vanities, carefully curated living room cabinets, functional basement cabinets, and so much more. Place your trust in our experienced builders, and delight in the extraordinary craftsmanship that infuses each of our Custom Cabinets Pittsburgh.

While our reach has broadened, our Pittsburgh Custom Cabinets remain a cherished, signature offering. Moreover, our service isn’t confined to the production process. We pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive, seamless journey from your first consultation through to the final installation, rigorously adhering to your vision every step of the way.

There are countless reasons why we stand out as your ideal cabinet makers. Keen to explore? Click the options button to illuminate the offerings of High Point Cabinets, truly among the best Custom Kitchen Cabinets Pittsburgh has to offer.

Custom Kitchen Cabinetry made in Pittsburgh


Craft your perfect kitchen oasis with High Point’s enduring, artisan-crafted cabinetry, where dreams meet design.


Craft your ideal kitchen haven with the lasting, masterfully created cabinetry by High Point – where your vision transforms into reality.


Discover the ideal accents to enhance your home’s distinctive charm, offered through bespoke selections.

Enjoy a decade of peace of mind with High Point Cabinets’ 10-year guarantee on your Amish-built cabinets, covering materials, craftsmanship, finish, and installation.

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To reach us at High Point Cabinets, start by getting onto I-376 W from Ross Street and Grant Street, a swift 4-minute drive that spans 0.6 miles.

Your journey will then sweep you along the grand expanse of I-376 W, with scenic diversions onto the US-22 W and the US-250 W. As you bask in the beauty of the Pennsylvania landscape for the next 2 hours and 2 minutes over 114 miles, your destination starts to emerge: Harrison Road in Mount Eaton.

Lastly, continue your drive along Harrison Road, an immersion to the quiet rhythm of local life, until you reach County Highway 2 in Franklin Township. Your destination, High Point Cabinets, awaits to welcome you into a world of bespoke cabinet craftsmanship.

We look forward to your visit and helping you on your journey to a lifestyle upgrade.

Beyond your visit to High Point Cabinets, we invite you to explore the charm of Amish Country, perhaps spent over a peaceful buggy ride, exploring local farms, or indulging in a hearty homemade meal at one of our traditional restaurants. Every corner will captivate you, leaving you with fond memories and a beautiful piece of the Amish lifestyle to take home.


Curious About Our Pittsburgh Cabinetry? We’re Here to Enlighten!

We understand that immersing yourself in the world of custom cabinetry may spark some queries. Rest assured, our friendly experts stand ready to guide you through every detail. At High Point Cabinets, we’re more than keen to assist you in your delightful journey of lifestyle and comfort elevation.

Custom Kitchen Cabinetry from our Pittsburgh Craftsmen

High Point Cabinets is ready to complete your home’s new custom cabinetry remodel! Contact us, today, to discuss how we can help create the home of your dreams!

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